Anthony Christiano Salon

Chicago, IL


Always in forward motion and with a long list of celebrity clients, the acclaimed stylist Anthony Cristiano was looking for his next adventure – to have his own salon that embodied his design philosophy. With 3,400 sf on the mezzanine level of Trump Tower secured, Cristiano partnered with DMAC’s creative strength to develop a highly editorialized architecture of ultra modern comfort and luxury for an upscale client and stylist experience.


The design takes guests through a rich wood-clad arch with a perfect herringbone floor that frames the view into the salon with the city backdrop. In an instant, the space goes bright and monochromatic.

The floor turns to a sparkling white terrazzo. The counters are a glossy white with chrome accents. The walls and ceiling are unapologetically white with absolutely no artwork – that is saved for the stylist-client canvass. Custom chairs from Italy are either black or white.  Parallel mirrors form an infinity perspective visually expanding the small footprint. Delicate black and chrome chandeliers softly illuminate the colorists table like a dining room. The long undulating glass wall draws attention to the stunning views of the Chicago River and surrounding urban fabric while showering the salon with natural light. It’s dreamlike and elegant down to the smallest detail.