American Airlines Admirals Club DCA

Washinton D.C.

The new 14,500-square foot American Airlines Admirals Club at Washington National Airport is designed for bespoke hospitality infused with modern comfort, ease and placemaking. Inspired by the journey itself–the landscapes we fly over–the Club instills a universal sense of wanderlust. Conceived as a series of Pavilions, it is a collection of memorable spaces curated in service of the guest experience where wayfinding is intuitive, every touchpoint is thoughtful, needs are anticipated, and local context is embedded in the obvious and yet to be discovered.

The Club is organized around two primary spaces–the Dining Pavilion and Lounge Pavilion–each has its own identity with visual signifiers, yet both are related in material palette, furnishings and details, delivering design cohesion and brand connection. The Lounge Pavilion is defined by tall wood slats creating an inner sanctuary centered around a fireplace. Smaller lounges are designed for either quiet or short dwell times. The Dining Pavilion is differentiated by vertical white tubes and a wood lattice “canopy” for openness. No matter where guests are in the Club, the experience is customized to needs, preferences, and comfort.