Our Practice

We Design Everything That Matters

We are an architectural firm. But more than that we are storytellers. From the epics that bring together a series of buildings into a collective experience of a master plan to the anecdote that weaves together the details of an entire building. We design everything that matters: from the words – the brick, the mortar, the container; to the punctuations – the remarkable moments; to the swear words – the pieces that remind us of our humanity; to the spaces between the words that make an environment truly poignant.  We know that each project is different, each project has a history; a past, a present, and we know, when crafting its future, we accept each element.

Founded in 1995 by Dwayne MacEwen, DMAC Architecture & Interiors relies on the diverse experiences of its staff and expert consultants to craft each project. We love to teach, but most importantly we love to learn, listen; teach us what you want to do, and we will weave your stories into reality. We strive to invent, test ideas, challenging ourselves, and sometimes knowing that the best ideas come from looking at things sdrawkcab.

We look forward to working with you, to embrace the challenges and opportunities of your project.