DMAC Architecture prides itself on the ability to generate exceptional, unique, and award winning work. Fundamental to each project is an approach based upon identifying the distinguishing elements of each project as well as generating a concept that carries through from the initial planning to the smallest detail. The designers and architects at DMAC share the belief that the careful development of ideas is more important than a dependence on a style to initiate the design process. Within the firm, there is an effort to respect the past without attempting to repeat it. 
At times, the firm engages in designs which are experimental, but are always solidly based in the firm's foundation of successfully executed projects. DMAC Architecture has a strong reputation for creating custom designs and a strong knowledge of current fabrication methods. The firm has also designed and developed custom architectural and interior elements, such as furniture and lighting fixtures. The firm has always sought to continuously develop their ability to provide clients with projects custom tailored to their needs. 
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